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Can CSR morph into a Sustainable Value Proposition?

There is a new movement in all sectors to move beyond the idea of sustainability and CSR as a movement of change to forming groups of stakeholders, who build future value as sustainable market leaders.

Over the the last 25 years, the global audience of companies interested in CSR has formed a learning infrastructure that has accelerated learning and adoption of this approach to core business practice. CSR has gained the traction of a living system of thought that millions of people in business and outside business now grapple with.

Yet the jargon of CSR and Sustainability can often be off putting to people who know their job is to adapt industry practices to integrate strategies that assure future value for the environment, health and economy.

August 2010, Dr. Aneel Karnani’s #WSJ Blog post, “The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility?” brought an explosion of blog posts and commentary on what works in CSR and what does not work. Christine Arena, Founder of SparkUp and Susan McPherson, Senior VP of CSR at organized a panel at the Paley Center for Media, entitled CSR and the Role of Business, A Spirited Discussion. This panel discussion provided an accurate benchmark of CSR today and how it has matured and now operates beyond the “movement” that formed in the late 1970’s from which it has taken form.

The event marked a point in time out of which many people could see an opportunity for embedding sustainability as a value proposition in a company culture. If you are someone who wants to understand a bit more about the movement of change that has translated as a practice into an economic landscape led by Sustainable Market Leaders. In reaching this understanding, sustainability is now transforming into a practice of business as usual, rather than a movement driven/jargon filled causal marketing approach to change.

Any leader or member of today’s workforce can value in reading a bit about the history of this movement and what it accomplished as part of developing your personal or organizational competence in building capacity for future value creation.  Read this post now



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[…] capture of the value that Corporate Sustainability Leaders form in their company by measuring CSR. The CSR Debate made clear that the language of corporate social responsibility, social responsible investments and sustainability is heard as jargon and often off putting to […]

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