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Dave Wann on Every Day Joe Meaningful Use!

Dave Wann left his “comfy” job in 1996, after having an excellent career stint  with the EPA in Denver Co.  During that time, he met and hired Paul Hawken when Paul began his career as a environmental activist and consultant.

Dave then moved into a co-housing village designed, built and occupied Dave and a group of local friends in Golden CO. This was the beginning of Dave sharing an  adventure with what grew to be a national community of friends to learn how to live with a high regard for the environment and a form of sustainable living.

Since then Dave has become a master gardener, authored 11 books on numerous perspectives of sustainability while he learned from his garden, his neighbors and the wide reach community of friends that Dave associated with. These people have helped form the movements of CSR, sustainability and sustainable investing. Dave became a man that walked his talk and learned to live by “making it so.”

Dave recently published his 11th book,

The New Normal is the sum-total of Dave’s  discovery in how people are reforming the way they live, including Dave.  As much as this book is for individuals, it is a book for numerous professions that include

  • HR Professionals — can understand how the people you hire want to live or live and define a corporate culture compatible for people who value sustainability;
  • Consumer Market Researchers —  can learn what influences purchasing decisions for this growing normal today;
  • Politicians —can grasp the needs of a growing constituency of people who want to change the way we live today;

For the “every day Joe” whether your drink of choice is fair trade or organic coffee or chai or simply filters water ….reading this book helps you see how your interest in living more sustainably is shaping in communities today where citizens are driving the infrastructure change for their personal life style with primary benefit to their children.

Dave’s new website, includes a blog that describes the change taking place of societal scale that is also relevant to anyone hard at work in their community that chooses to work wisely to live well.  Dave is giving new definition to the word “well” with 11 books, essays, articles and  video broadcasts..

I met Dave over 4 years ago as a neighbor, while living at Harmony Village, the cohousing community where he lives and gardens.  Over the breakfast he cooked for me of pancakes, berries, yogurt and maple syrup and good java, we became friends and c0-travelers in this journey of authoring tales of “meaningful use.”

Since then Dave’s keynote roster has become quite global and international in flavor.

From time to time,  we can expect short missives linking to Dave’s posts at his own website.  Please join me in welcoming Dave Wann to The Story of Meaningful Use and our blog roll.


Lavinia Weissman




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