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Sustainable Market Leaders Book to be Launched by Wiley

Editors Note:  Links to translations of this post are available here:

French Translation: Annonce de la Publication d’un Nouveau sur les Acteurs du Developpement Durable dans les Enterpries

Spanish Translation: Anuncian la Publicacion de un Nuevo Libor sobre Liderazgo en Sostenibilida

John Wiley, (publishers since 1807) will focus on telling the story of Sustainable Market Leaders, with the September 2011 publication of Eric Lowitt’s book, The Future of Value.

In my experience, there has been a long demand for story capture of the value that Corporate Sustainability Leaders form in their company by embracing CSR. The CSR Debate made clear that the language of corporate social responsibility, social responsible investments and sustainability is heard as jargon and often off putting to people who want to try to understand it. Lowitt offers a very simply definition to


To maximize stakeholder value in perpetuity

I have known of Eric’s work for sometime, beginning with his research at Accenture’s Institute for High Performance and as someone who lives local to me.  After a stint at Deloitte as a manager, Eric formed his own venture this past December 2010, when he left Deloitte to finish the book he had proposed, research, and wrote.


Eric is one of the people I know, who understands what I mean by the idea of an “accelerated action research lab.” In fact Eric has identified and researched ongoing sustainability accelerated action programs within every company on the 2010 Global Fortune 500 list. His research into the details of these initiatives, illustrated through interviews with sustainability and strategy executives at more than 25 of these market leading companies, companies he came to call Sustainable Market Leaders, forms the basis for the pragmatic advice  in The Future of Value.

An interesting pattern of discussion emerged as a result of Eric’s action research. With Eric’s support, a number of executives at the Sustainable Market Leaders have begun to form a team approach that will lead to the next book in The Future of Value series. The mission of this emerging roundtable is to identify and promote best practices and new solutions alike to achieve sustainable development via systemic change. Eric will become the Editor-in-Chief of the next book, while the Sustainable Market Leaders drawn from the companies that contributed to The Future of Value, alongside leaders from the fields of private equity, public sector administration and local community activities, will write up their own stories for submission to the next book.

From time to time, I will be annotating and announcing a new entry from Eric’s blog or custom research summaries that leaders may commission as briefings for new projects, they would like to begin.

The nature of this project was built from Stealth (trust and shared assets), which speaks to Eric’s own leadership skill and capacity as a sensemaker.

Wiley through Eric Lowitt and The Story of Meaningful Use will begin taking orders for this book in June 2011.  For people joining our combined research effort, we can take preorders for discounted volume purchase of 100 copies or more from professional associations, consulting firms and companies.  Contact for more information.



Lavinia Weissman




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Thanks a lot for spending some time to describe the terminology to the beginners!

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