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We all know mainstream press is filled with doom, gloom and conflict.  On October 4, 2010, this headline in The Boston Globe, titled “Sanofi-Aventis launches take over battle with Genzyme.”  The words “take over battle” particularly caught my attention and gave me more reason to believe the spiral of the bad and the ugly is never going to stop in mainstream press.

Mergers among the Fortune 500 have increased in recent years in biopharm; for example, Pfizer acquired Wyeth and Merck acquired Schering-Plough.  Acquisitions and mergers usually involve some form of workforce reduction, management of corruption and, of course, higher profits. The Boston Globe headline made me question if there was something different about Sanofi’s bid for Genzyme?

I decided to follow the press reports and judge for myself.  Most important to me,  I wanted to find a new format for my own journalism and oped pieces that could make a difference.   I did a detailed review of Genzyme performance and Sanofi’s current strategy in preparation for watching the story unfold of this potential acquisition.

This has become the key driver to all I am dong and what this magazine is organized to become. Synchronistic to these thoughts….I received an email, from Jan Morgan, President of Jan asked me if I would like to submit blog entries to their new blog, CSRwire TalkBack.  This request was not an ordinary request and it was offered in the context of a value for “shared sucess.”

Jan expressed interest to get to know me personally, so I took a day and drove out to Springfield, MA where is headquartered.

I thought our meeting  would be a 2 hour visit over lunch. The meeting was such a blast, it turned into a surprisingly quality exchange. We shared an amazing time time together that included a mix of good humor and serious  business exploration on media. We shared our views of potential changes for media and business education and Jan offered me an overview of  CSRwire’s current business plan.  Who wouldn’t have fun with this cast of characters.

I was still at the CSRWire office at 6PM, when Founder and CEO, Joe Siblia walked in and joined our conversation as we wound down.  We were having so much fun and then looked at our watches; it was 8 PM and time to call it a day.

You have to ask, “how in the world could such busy people give each other so much attention?”

The answer may surprise you.  These busy people care to lead into production a media format and portal that makes a difference for all they serve; with over 250,000 daily readers and 6,000 commercial clients, has leaped into changing the format and scheme of what any wire service can achieve. So on that note, why am I contributing to CSRWire Talkback?

The story does not stop in the parking lot upon my departure from Springfield, MA last September. Seeds of stealth got planted on the day  we met; the CSRwire’s team became a sounding board for me as part of my intent to develop a better format for my own journalism.

Most writers and researchers of the scale and quality that I am committed to work in isolation, have no benefit of team play that keeps you learning and improving and if you write, you rarely have an editor, like I do—–(in fact 2).  Jan Morgan and Sarah Peyok are both my editors at  Jan offers me business opinion and perspective from her experience in media and business. Sarah helps me shape my stories and get to the heart of the message I want to give.—- Both are committed to my success as much as I bring both an audience and my quality of strategic analysis.

This relationship and this result did not simply happen over night. Our little experiment in recent months resulted in these 4 posts.  Hard work that was accompanied by the confusion of learning and sometimes the experience of failure and frustration so bad you want to scream.

Ultimately as my historical virtual research has shown, high performance virtual team work is not a matter of tweets, email, exchange of documents, it comes out building trust, sharing what you think with your team and working it out.  Ultimately it comes in believing in your work and learning from how others work and finding a way to make conflicting views and feedback turn into something of quality.

So judge for yourself with these 3 posts….

Sanofi-Aventis & Genzyme Conspiracy
Hostile Take Over or Sound, Sustainable Business Strategy? – Post 1

Regarding Sanofi-Aventis and Genzyme: how do you construct a sustainable valuation of pharma? – Post 2

Can sustainability practices bring about better patient care? – Post 3

What do you think?
Did these 3 posts set a new standard for journalism that that will inform, connect, educate & empower CSOs and other CSR/Sustainability practitioners?
One way I have to judge is that the Boston Globe has  recently published these two quality analysis on the challenge to innovation at Novartis and Genzyme:
Fishman’s research tack, Cambridge ties pay off by Robert Weisman

What do you think?
Lavinia Weissman

CSRwire Talkback | join the conversation! CSRwire’s new blog is bringing thought leaders and readers together in thinking about the issues.

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