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Core Competencies for Social Network Performance of Value

Banner Perhaps we need to shift our view in the way we think to have more progress.

Imagine if leaders could lead deliberate change; and this deliberate change could society and create an economy that is sustainable. Imagine if the definition of  a sustainable economy implied a culture of well-being and a culture of financial stability. Some educational thought leaders believe that the only way to achieve this is to embed continuous learning that repairs the harm to people, planet and economy.

I believe this includes developing a new view of education and introducing people to a foundation of social network and organization competence.  No change initiative can grow into future value without this understanding and the behavior implied.


John Sexton, President of New York University one of these educational thought leaders, who thinks this way. In a July 23, 2010 television  broadcast, Sexton described to Charlie Rose his vision for a “T” educated human being.  who seeks to learn and build their careers out of a search for meaning in life. This “T” human being seeks education that shapes this individual to think about the impact of anything they do on society, the environment and health. This form of education becomes  the foundation for  any individual to finding meaning and purpose in life.


Sexton assumed leadership of  NYU, May 2002.  NYU is one of the largest global educational institutions in the World.  At the time of his appointment, Sexton redefined NYU’s GeoStrategy as a global portal where educators and students are co-located around the world.  He perceived New York City’s connection to the World and saw that to think of NYU as a campus of buildings, limited its role in educating global citizens.

Sexton selected to co-locate NYU in other places in the world. The first place and space of co-location to NYU facilities in New York City is being built in Abu Dhabi.  He believes after Abu Dhabi, NYU will build facilities in Shanghai.  He is leading this premier educational institute to form as a global social network facilitated by a core group of economic decision makers to be a best practice educational institution.


The first 100 students accepted to this year’s global co-located program will spend their last semester in Abu Dhabi. This new global hub in Abu Dhabi  has attracted Nobel Prize winners and the best educators in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to become faculty.  The selection process for the first 100 students included 300 candidates divided into 5 groups of 60 applicants to attend a group live interview event and dialogue at NYU’s facilities in Abu Dabai.

The selection process, included observing the applicants’ capacity for interaction and emotional intelligence during the interview event and dialogue. . The admissions team reviewed the applicants for how they related to others exercising nuances in conversation that reflected the capacity to engage in conversations that investigated expertise and its relevance the conversations.

Sexton asserted that emotional intelligence is a critical competency that every student needs to develop through a global education experience. This format of forum as part of  the application process brought all the applicants into a global program where the direction and behavior is not guided by institutional walls and silos of expertise.

Hence, this forum became an experience in which these prospective students to interact with the University as an educational portal to learn if they could walk through the gateway of the portal to launch their life long learning from where every they are located.

Emotional intelligence integrates what a student knows how to do with how they respond to others on the job, and through how they learn to apply what they learned in school.  Emotional intelligence is how they discern opportunity and filter their actions to create a future success where they are recognized for what they contributed and how they performed.

These students can capture references, observations and reports on their contributions and performance and add this to their personal portfolio statements from which they can build and  define their learning, work and relationships as a pattern of asset and the future value they represent to potential employers or investors in their work.


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