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thestoryofmeaningfuluse – Celebrating a Successful Launch!

A letter from the publisher…..

by Lavinia Weissman


Boston, MA

Dear Readers,

A recent 10 day bout with the flu, gave me opportunity to sit quietly and take stock of the incredible experience I had over the past month, launching this e-zine….

In between tending my symptoms, I was able to get into the data of the initial few weeks of reporting to find out what articles people liked the most…

My findings came as no surprise—the most popular articles were anything related to Dave Wann’s “New Normal” and health …. Our magazine readers  enjoy reading about health here from the perspective of what I see key to capturing the story of meaningful use….

When I first began to think about the concept of  “meaningful use” last year and why meaningful use can only be reported in the context of story……I did so as kind of tongue and cheek in response to the President Obama’s program for adoption of electronic medical records to serve “meaningful use.

As part of this program, Obama offered a  financial incentive program that could total up to $44K  to each doctor, who adopt use of electronic technology”

My dry humor made me wonder what would happen we gave every American$44K+ bonus to live their life in health. To me real “meaningful use,” is about changing the way we think of health so that we put less burden on the health care system to fulfill the promise of health. Why?  Health is part of everything we do.

How we live, take care of ourselves, where we live and work and with whom….this ultimately is the place in which we find our health, restore it when it is not working or learn to live with a glitch that we cannot recover from.

And it has everything to do with how we work, earn and spend our money and the way we relate to an economy.

If our economy is not healthy, it becomes that much more difficult for us to retain our health, recover from illness or live with others adapting our ways to whatever our health condition includes.

Years ago, I recall in the “Economist,” someone wrote that Americans are always seeking the fountain of youth as its drive for health.

At this time, given the depth of challenge to any form of assuring health for the environment, economy, person and place—- I  believe Americans and people all around the world are coming to a realization that health is something we have to create out of living and working cautiously and respectfully with others.

The initial popularity and testimonies for the value of this magazine has created a challenge for me to grow into in order to make this a sustainable enterprise. And I am doing just that!  Phase 2 contains some great plans that are already in production.

  • a series of articles from Dave Wann describing the “New Normal,” and stories that describe the actions of people living this way;
  • missives from other countries translated into English from French, Spanish and Portugese;
  • Some of our editors write for post on; we will be linking these editorials to articles that contain the research and stories that led us to formulate our editorials;
  • Mercadio Etico has joined our media partnership and we will be bringing you  stories their editors source in Brazil.

And more going live this week……..

Watch this week for the first  “Life Lessons”; authored by Joe Sibilia, CEO of

Life lessons are stories that describe challenging experiences, members of our network have encountered that have inspired them to do something differently.  I am personally excited that Joe Sibilia is the first person to contribute int his way.

I will follow with a second column related to the Japanese radiation disaster and my personal life lessons regarding radiation toxicity.

Just imagine, all this took shape while I was ill.  The ideas came back to me in email from my amazing network that are making this magazine the value it is today!

Let me take a minute to apologize for the disruption to our service, while I was ill.  Please know, we are doing the best to respond to your wonderful attention that our data aggregation shows and report to you on a daily basis as much as we can Monday- Friday (EST).

Our mission is to inspire anyone who reads us to create the work that nourishes them for life by bringing you inspiring stories of how people, companies and learning communities work wisely to live well.

Now for a few matters  of business:

Software Glitches

@workecology  had near 1,000 followers and a glitch took it down.  Please sign on to @WeCareHealth to resume twitter notification with us.

Help us build our subscriber base

Please click the share button at the end of this post!and tweet or add it to your Facebook wall— just help us spread the word.  If you read, please subscribe directly to the magazine and ask your friends to do the same. While our readership is most pleasant, we wish to show our financial supports we have a community  of members that are subscriber based, directly or through Networked Blogs.



Authors bio:

Lavinia Weissman is an sustainable market leadership coach, journalist, and publisher of As a speaker she describes the new emerging patterns of markets shaped by sustainable market leaders and the social networks they work with and employ.  As a coach, Lavinia works with all her clients to inspire professional development that assures a person the opportunity to embed sustainability as a leader into the network and culture of people they work with.

Publisher’s Note: Please be patient while we figure out if Twitter can repair our @workecology id and recover our network.  By Friday 4/1, I hope twitter will resolve this and I will know by then what I have to do.


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  Rosalinda Sanquiche wrote @

Remarkable progress! So glad you’re connecting with Mercado Etico. Happy to twitter content @ethicalmarkets and @nefgreenchamber. Let’s keep the momentum…

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