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Update from Hazel Henderson,

Finding Hope within the Multiple Tragedies in Japan

by Rosalinda Sanquiche


Jacksonville FL

I am happy to provide you a summary of all our outreach and current activity from as recently summarized to friends and colleagues by Hazel Henderson, President.

As we continue to see the devastation in Japan, we appreciate more deeply the courage and stoicism of the Japanese people.  In my interview for Seikyo Shimbun, facilitated by our dear colleagues of Soka Gakkai in Tokyo, I conveyed our admiration and sympathy while expressing our hope that these multiple tragedies will lead to a rebirth of Japan’s leadership in sustainable, efficient, renewable energy development.

We invite you to submit nominations for the EthicMark® Award for advertising that uplifts the human spirit and society, which I founded in 2005 and Ethical Markets co-sponsors with the World Business Academy and University of Notre Dame.  2010’s winners, Annie Leonard and Free Range Studio for “The Story of Bottled Water,” have released a new video – The Story of Citizens United v. FEC.   The EthicMark® 2011 Award will be presented again at the annual SRI in the Rockies Conference, October 24-25 in New Orleans.  We are excited that this will be a feature of SRIR conferences going forward – with our thanks to Advisory Board member Steve Schueth.

Reforming finance is still urgent given the Dodd-Frank law achieved little and over-burdened regulators, no match against Wall Street’s influence over Congress.  While we can be grateful that Larry Summers has gone, as I called for in “Come Clean, Larry Summers” for his role in the financial meltdown, Tim Geithner still favors Wall Street at the US Treasury Department and needs to step down as well.  We applaud Bloomberg for its fight to get the Fed to disclose fully all the loans made to banks in 2008, costing taxpayers $3.5 trillion over and above the $700 billion TARP bailout.  And kudos to Charles Ferguson for his expose and film “Inside Job” which won an Oscar (DVD now at  So, I am teaching again at Schumacher College for their course “Rethinking Finance: Good Servant, Bad Master?” with Ethical Markets Advisory Board members Tessa Tennantand Ann Pettifor, as well as Nathalie Buschor, Mark Burton and Julie Richardson.

On to good news, we are getting plaudits for our Green Transition Scoreboard® and are encouraged that Mercer joined and upped our call for pension funds to shift 10% of their assets to green sectors: Mercer called for a 40% shift, and we offered our collaboration to Craig Metrick, US Head of Responsible Investment, as Mercer ramps up its commitment.

The Barcelona Consensus recently presented to the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal, including my statement as an International Advisor, bringing together 250 intellectuals, scholars and leaders of different social movements, proposing new solutions to the challenges we face today.  The Barcelona Consensus is offering a €20,000 grant to develop the best proposal for an alternative global model.  Submit applications by April 3rd to

The Power of Yin, which I co-authored with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Jean Houston from dialogues we had in 1977 and 1978 (!) is Book of the Month at Cosimo. From Cosimo’s website: “Edited by Barbara DeLaney, it is a ‘magnificently feminist, grandly humanist, rousingly hopeful approach to the myriad challenges facing planet Earth and her people today.’ It invites others to use the attributes they already possess ‘to join together in spirit and in action to help evolve the human community on planet Earth.’  Published in 2007, this call to action is just as important now, if not more so, than it was four years ago, as humans begin to realize ever more clearly how desperately we need to change.


Authors Bio:

Rosalinda Sanquiche, MA, is Executive Director of Ethical Markets Media and principal author of the Green Transition Scoreboard® Report. She serves on the Global Advisory Board and as a content editor with In all Rosalinda does, she brings an exceptional global view and clarity drawn from her experience working with American Wind Energy Association, the North Florida Land Trust and EthicMark (r) Advisory Board.



  Sarah P. wrote @

Incredible work the Ethical Markets Media team is doing in the “green” sectors. Thank you for your research and dedication to sustainability and SRI.

And, thank you, Lavinia, for providing this update!

  thestoryofmeaningfuluse wrote @

Sarah, don’t thank me. Thank Rosalinda and Hazel. I am so happy to have Rosalinda on your Global Advisory Board. She did a great job of developing the Green Transition Scoreboard!

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