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Is Sanofi Aventis Moving Beyond the Challenges of Pharma?

Is Sanofi Aventis Moving Beyond the Challenges of Pharma?

As a Global Health Leader will Sanofi Aventis create new sustainable markets of value for health?

By Lavinia Weissman

@wecarehealth54, recently published two important reports by its Chairman and Executive Editor: Joel Makower.   The first report is an article titled, Green Marketing is Over. Let’s Move On . And the second is a video of Joel’s presentation on the State of Green Business 2011.

After reviewing the report and video, I decided to return to my study of Sanofi Aventis and ask, “Is Sanofi Aventis moving beyond the pharma business model;  and will this create new sustainable value markets of health?”

To get at some answers to these questions, I captured a “quick and dirty short list”  of  Makower’s  observations as a framework from which to assess the current state of Sanofi Aventis.

Makower Observations:

1.  For the most part business is still treading water to build a sustainable economy with out any remarkable progress.

2. While business is treading water,  doubled its membership, approached by companies they did not know asking to become now has more than 50 members; Makower sees this as  an indicator of hope.

3. Green marketing is in need of makeover.  Green marketing initiatives and stories focus primarily on the consumer and what the consumer can buy rather than how companies can create new markets of impact.

4. The key to building new markets is about building new markets for healthy people to live in a health world.

Next step:  I conducted a quick updated review of Sanofi Aventis to look quickly at their progress over 2010 and what has occurred since the April, 2011 completed acquisition of Genzyme. (Links to 3 previous TalkBack posts).

My findings in brief:

With the publication of Sanofi’s 2010 Annual Review, CEO ChrisViehbacker announced a change to Sanofi’s  mission from “to improve the health of as many of the 6.8B people walking the planet as we can”  to focus on a new mission “to becoming a global health leader.”

Viehbacher has outlined 3 areas of strategy from which to balance its profits with sustainability by focusing attention to resources that

1.    Increasing innovation as an approach for research and development.  September 2010, Sanofi signed a partnership agreement with Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Belfer Center for clinical trial research. Sanofi has committed an investment in this collaboration of $33M to DFCI over 3 years.   With this investment, Dana Farber gains the right to preclinical, clinical and commercial milestone payment and royalties from sales of commercial products developed by Dana Farber with Sanofi Aventis.

2.    Adapting to Future Challenge. The company is focused on adapting to the change implied by ongoing translational research and new formats of health education to move beyond the structure of delivering OTC drugs to patients for common ailments and creating new responses to people who suffer from chronic and life threatening illness.

3. Pursuing external growth opportunities. Sanofi has set as a goal to explore outside the pharmaceutical framework new forms of treatment platforms that which are more affordable and accessible to patients, which opens a broader potential for them beyond the innovation of new drugs.

Sanofi has in recent months introduced a new generation of social media reporting for its Annual Reviews, Sanofi Tv and links to Facebook. Within this media constellation,  Sanofi offers regular updates on the company, health, professions and responsibility and what is new cross culture, country and in English and French. Reports  update the reader from the perspective of all stakeholder interests in CSR, Regulation, Research, Business and Advancements for populations of people with specific health needs.

Sanofi through Chris Viehbacher’s leadership has bounded its investment in clinical trials, freeing funds  to formulate a newnew platforms of prevention, health education and  the development of new affordable products for the patient that can be easily accessed to serve a health.

Is Sanofi building a new sustainable market that serves people to be healthy and live in a health world? Are they breaking the barrier to the idea that big companies have less success with  innovation ?

Is Sanofi  forging ahead of Novartis, who has accelerated its capability and  success with clinical trials or GlaxoSmithKline who is addressing health and poverty in an old format of giving by returning a percentage of profit back to the country in which they do business for a total of $5.4M?

Talkback readers what do you think?, Is Sanofi creating new markets for healthy people who want to live in a healthy world for sustainable value? How would you measure this?

Authors bio:

Lavinia Weissman is an sustainable market capacity builder, coach and publisher/editor-in-chief of As a speaker she describes the new emerging patterns of markets shaped by sustainable market leaders and the social networks they work with and employ.  As a coach, Lavinia works with all her clients to inspire a culture of change that builds healthy practices for people within healthy markets.


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