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Update from Hazel Henderson,

Moving a Sustainable Economy Forward

by Rosalinda Sanquiche


Jacksonville FL

Ethical Markets Media has been elected to help spearhead the Green Economy Coalition, a worldwide group including WWF, IUCN, Global Footprint, TEEB and other path-breaking groups who are supporting the “Green New Deal,” the Green Economy Initiative (see Hazel Henderson’s keynote address) launched and supported by UN agencies, including UNEP, UNDP, ILO and the Rio+20 conference to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2012.

We invite you all to join in this global effort which is helping break many climate change log-jams by supporting the private investors since 2007 who have already invested over $2 trillion in growing low-carbon green economies.  We agree with the new summaries for policymakers from UNFCCC, WMO and IPCC that much progress on climate change can come from the transition to renewable energy and focusing on curbing regional emissions of soot (black carbon), methane, VOCs and ozone.  Watch our Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) at and our daily news of additional public and private progress on our pages: Green Prosperity Funds, Energy Efficiency, GreenTech and Sustainability News.  These newer policies can improve human health directly while pollution can be reduced rapidly and less expensively in many localities!

Ellen Brown, Ethical Markets advisory board member, launched the Public Banking Institute (PBI), a non-partisan think-tank, research and advisory organization dedicated to developing publicly-owned banks at all levels — local, regional, state, national and international. Public banks have played an historic role in fostering access to cheap and readily available credit for governments, businesses and individuals. PBI members include past and present community and civic leaders, businesspeople, educators, political economists, writers and banking professionals. The group shares a concern over the destabilizing actions of a private banking industry that, through its corporate business model, has precipitated the economic imbalances now witnessed across the US economy. Hazel Henderson is honored to serve on Ellen’s PBI advisory board.

Ethical Markets welcomes veteran financial journalist Ellie Winninghoff (see “Broadening Fiduciary Duty” and “New Tools for Investing“) to our advisory board.  Ellie will serve to keep us abreast with her in-depth ethical investment analyses and coverage of the new RI Academy in Australia, providing courses in ESG asset valuation models for portfolio managers.

We also welcome Dr. Susan Linn to the EthicMark® advisory board, which Hazel co-chairs with Rinaldo Brutuco, president of the World Business Academy.  Dr. Linn, author of Consuming Kids and co-founder and director of Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, will participate exclusively on the not-for-profit category of the EthicMark®.

Many insightful minds are writing about the global implications of business-as-usual and the trends, good and bad, business-as-usual can’t handle.  See Hazel’s book reviews in Seeking Alpha: review of World 3.0 by Pankaj Ghemawat; review of The Globalization Paradox by Dani Rodrik; and, review of Consumptionomics by Chandran Nair.

Ethical Markets advisory board member Riane Eisler and Hazel Henderson will give a joint presentation to the Conscious Partnering Conference on May 26 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Whether birthing a business or building a movement, true partnership is essential for success. Yet, most of us never learn how to create GREAT partnerships.  The Conscious Partnering Conference 2011, May 23rd-May 27th, features world-class pioneers like Riane, Gary Zukav, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Deva Premal and many other leaders and phenomenal couples sharing stories, insights and practices to create amazing relationships in all areas of work, family, friendships and business.  Register for free here.

Rosalinda Sanquiche, Ethical Markets executive director, will be presenting at the Northeast Florida Green Chamber on June 3. Rosalinda is on the executive council of this new Green Chamber, one of many forming throughout the US in response to the counterproductive lobbying of traditional chambers unable to recognize the value of ESG and the green transition in business.

Judi Schweitzer, Ethical Markets’ senior sustainability advisor, will be attending Sustainable Brands 2011, where sustainability, brand and design communities come together to shape the future, discover how to make smart strategic choices, improve problem solving skills, and inspire others to help bring healthier, smarter brands to market. Monterey CA, June 7-10.  Use nwemsb11 to register with a 20% discount.

Hazel Henderson is teaching again at Schumacher College for their course “Rethinking Finance: Good Servant, Bad Master?” with Ethical Markets Advisory Board members Tessa Tennant and Ann Pettifor, as well as Nathalie Buschor, Mark Burton and Julie Richardson.  July 11-15, 2011.


Authors Bio:

Rosalinda Sanquiche, MA, is Executive Director of Ethical Markets Media and principal author of the Green Transition Scoreboard® Report. She serves on the Global Advisory Board and as a content editor with In all Rosalinda does, she brings an exceptional global view and clarity drawn from her experience working with American Wind Energy Association, the North Florida Land Trust and EthicMark (r) Advisory Board.


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