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Subscriber Welcome Letter


Thank you for your subscription to

As a subscriber you will be extended free membership to a series of website that will weave into a new constellation of access for Sustainable Market Leaders and their Social Networks.

We envision a home page within a year that will give you access to all the programs we plan.

  • Research briefs for specific topics by industry and category of initiative, e.g. Health, Timber, Carbon, Pharma, Merger Acquistions
  • Access to educational programs that introduce the sustainable workforce and its leaders to new formats of organization and network,  include licensing and customization features
  • An annual inquiry into the current challenges for Sustainability Market Leaders, e.g. the conversation about  Sustainable Value versus Accountability
  • Professional Development tools for today’s sustainable workforce and a means to customize and build those tools into a WorkEcology Notebook ™
  • More in-depth media introducing our Global Advisory Team and Thought Leaders

In this early stage of STEALTH, we are doing our best to bring you a post on a daily basis.

While most of what we present here is free sharing; we are also using this communication platform as a means to communicate with our Global Advisory Members, Sponsors and Associates who are translating our content into spanish, french, portugese and japanese or adapting it for diverse populations of people by origin of birth, country, industry and language.

The posts addressed to this global team are password protected; and a virtual resource for our system of virtual team work globally.

If I can be of direct assistance to anyone, in providing you more detail on any of these programs, please be directly in contact with me through or @workecology on twitter.  Once I understand your specific question or need, I can introduce you to the best person associated with us to answer brief questions through email or to arrange a phone call via Skype or landline.

I hold a strong value for fostering a network culture based on rapport, trust building and transparency.  Our primary communication outreach is based on  a format that includes  interactive communication of give and take.

It of the intent of everyone guiding the development of this community  to form a interaction based on emotional intelligence and shared values.  We are vested in a commitment to inspire life through human connection as much as we are committed to building the best possible social media platform to respond to our member needs.

Kind regards,

Lavinia Weissman


Brilliant Minds, Sweet Hearts


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